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    Yamaha R-1 gear ratios
    OOP'S hey I've read people say somthing about using a 14 tooth front 60 rear? Is this how you skip 1st and use only 2nd-up?
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    There are several spreadsheets posted on this site that should help you find a final gear ratio that works for you.

    The one on the first few pages of my build is an example. Final drive ratio opionions vary. Some think 4.5:1, others 6.0:1, etc.

    Personal experience with a 'Busa with 14/63 and 31 inch tall tires is that 4.5:1 (63 divided by 14) is too high. My car easily went 50 + in 1st gear. My final drive is now 6.94:1 but I have yet to drive the car with the new setup.

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