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Nobody has posted anything on this thread for awhile, so I'll share a link to a Youtube video and channel (What's Going on in Doug's Shed) that's pretty cool.


He describes how to use a Mazda Miata differential to build an off-road chain-driven differential. This video is helpful because he shows you how to do it without any welding or special tools. His other videos also go into details on how to mount the diff, add brake rotors, etc. Quite helpful information.

I was stoked about the idea of picking up a cheap, limited-slip Miata differential at the local Pick-n-Pull, but Miatas are apparently too exotic for your run-of-the-mill salvage yard. Still, I like the idea of finding a "cheap" differential and using it to build a buggy project.

Dang it, I was actually about to share this exact video too lol, beat me by a full year. I may actually try to build that up for my buggy.