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    Driveline Questions - Building Single Seater (930s, sprocket, brakes, etc.)
    I’m currently working on a mini buggy based on the KJ Raycing crosscart chassis (single seat, maybe 750lbs). I’ve done a ton of reading here but still have a few specific questions….

    Plan to use a Ninja 650 engine (~70HP) on 23-24” tires. I think I’m going to try about 13/60 gearing to start.

    Stock chain is a 520. Ok to just stick with that size on this buggy?

    I’m working on a center section that terminates with EMPI 930 conversion flanges. I plan to use Intrepid wheel hubs and F-150 outer CV pieces. A-arm rear.

    Is there anything special I need when getting inner 930 CVs? Any generic ones (cheaper) ok?

    Plan to use the bike rear caliper and probably one of the discs. (Raptor 660 parts and brakes up front) Should I use the stock rear 9” or stock front 12” brake disc?

    Any issues using maybe Ĺ” 6061 to make adapters to mate the sprocket/disc to the 930 flanges?

    Appreciate all the great info up to this point and any insight you can share on these questions.

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