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    Drive line noise
    I have a st3 with piranha ii rear axle.
    I have strange noises and the chain jumps while. its all shown in the video.
    Can someone diagnose the problem? it is hard to hear because of the engine but you can hear knocks.

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    Re: Drive line noise
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    It looks like the center spool bearings are shot. In the video I see the brake caliper moving around indicating that something is loose. I would pull the chain off the rear sprocket and see of the rear sprocket is loose. I bet that is your issue.

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    Re: Drive line noise
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    I'll side with deranged on something being loose or bent.
    Definitely a cyclic movement in the caliper - I'd be looking at the bearing on the chain side.

    I fixed the video so it's displayed instead of a link too. Hope you don't mind.
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    Re: Drive line noise
    Aside from the previously mentioned, look for stuck/bent links in the chain.
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    Re: Drive line noise
    I was not able to view the video but also check to see if the chain has stretched, if you jack the car up and roll the wheels you may see the chain riding up on the sprocket then dropping back, this happened to my car at Glamis last year in the wet sand, got a little unexpected traction an just stretched a short section, like the distance between the counter shaft sprocket and the rear sprocket
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    Re: Drive line noise
    Thanks for the help.
    As for the loose parts - its all tightened and the caliper is moving because that tha disc's hub has some axial runout.
    The sprocket has a small radial runout so the chain goes a bit tight and loose along the sprocket rotation. even though, i do not see the chain bumps in a way that can cause this noises.
    I think that the bearing is a good direction. havent thought about it.
    Any other directions?
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    Re: Drive line noise
    I took the transmission apart.
    The bearing near the sprocket seems undameged but has some axial runout but not radial (Shown at the video). Can use some of your wisdom here.
    The clutch body seems damaged but i cannot tell if this is an old problem before it was on the buggy.
    So far this is what i've found.
    What do you say?

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    Re: Drive line noise
    By the way - all gears making that knockings except neutral.

    I took the clutch apart and everything looks good. Friction plates and thrust bearing seems ok.

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