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    Honda Pilot drive shafts
    Hi, I'm hoping somebody might have an answer, I'm looking for compatible cv/ drive shafts for a pilot gearbox, I have one with the inner cups, but looking for more available options, and wider/longer shafts, any info out there,thanks.
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    Re: Honda Pilot drive shafts
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    About the only option you’ll have is getting custom splined shafts made.
    Might want to get in touch with ATV Racing (623) 516-8640 and talk to Neil.
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    Re: Honda Pilot drive shafts
    Thanks k fab, been informed there maybe a Subaru shaft that matches, I'm looking into it,thanks.
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    Re: Honda Pilot drive shafts
    please if you do find something that works post to this thread, I keep thinking with all of the front wheel drive cars, there has to be something on the shelf at autozone, if I had to change the hub, I don't have a problem with that nothing a few extra holes in the wheels won't take care of
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