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    CV axle suggestions
    I'm looking for some CV axle suggestions. The engine is a Briggs Vanguard V-twin 16hp, for now unmodded, but will modify later with billet connecting rods, flywheel, valve springs and 2 barrel carburetor, increasing the power by a bit, maybe to 25-30hp realistically, but spin over 6,000rpm safely and reliably. Using a Comet 94c Duster CVT as it's the only one found cheap enough to hold up to this kind of engine speed and power.

    I have looked at several different types of u-joints, but they are not rated for more than 15 degrees of angle. So I'm left with trying to figure out what CV axles will work for this as well as not break the bank. Overall width for this cannot exceed 56" from outside edge of each tire (about max width of a truck bed over wheel wells). I'm looking to build this about the size of an FL350, with dual a-arms front and rear, instead of j-arms for better adjustment and stability.

    Part of the spool will be using 1" keyed shaft to accommodate the sprocket and disc brake. Looking for about 8" of ground clearance. I need CV axles that can bolt to a hub on the spool easily as well as the wheel hub. I'm hoping to use a common 4 on 4 wheel hub to hopefully make wheel and tire sizing easy. Im just slowly buying the parts for this build so when I can get started on it, there's less down time for waiting on parts.

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    Re: CV axle suggestions
    Ended up browsing through rock auto and I'll probably end up getting 2000 Golf driver side CV axles. They are short enough without going to a custom made axle, and will be strong enough in the event I decide to run a small bike engine. Long as i can find a machine shop to make hubs for my spool, I should be good.

    Trying to find plans for a buggy similar to this is very difficult. If Edge Products had a suspension built Taipan, I would have gone that route. Is what it is I suppose.

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    Re: CV axle suggestions
    Just placed an order from Rock auto. Bought a pair of CV axles for a 1970s VW Beetle. 16 5/32" long with 94mm 6 bolt hubs. Hopefully it'll ship soon. They are similar to 930 axles, but should do the job.

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    Re: CV axle suggestions
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    I am looking at using 1990 GMC Syclone with Wheel Carrier -

    The wheel carrier is on Amazon -\

    Just a suggestion
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    Re: CV axle suggestions
    I have both axles. Just only show one at a time. I'm still torn on what engine to use. I am getting a free 16hp Briggs Vanguard, but I'm still looking motorcycle engine choices. I would like to be able to do 40 mph easily, but the CVT and Briggs may end up limiting my speed. Plus, if I modify the engine to spin upwards of 7500rpm, I have to forgo the cast iron flywheel and 15 amp stator/charge coil. Need to keep engine power at a max of 65hp, as th at is the upper end of what a 1977 Bug had (probably closer to 50hp, but an additional 15hp should be plenty safe without too many issues).

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