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    quad front diff??
    I am looking into diff options but dont have much space now I hace sourced my engine (vfr750 v4).I have been looking at looks of ideas and found that quad front diffs are quite small, this also concerns my that it wont handle the power or does not change ratio and is essentially a rag.Anyone with more knowledge than me please advise, im sure there will be lots
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    Re: quad front diff??
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    Quad diff out of a 1000cc, 250cc? Need a pic of it or more info please.

    What's your plans for it to go in? A 750cc is a grunty motor. With the info at hand I would say it will be to weak but I need more info.
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    Re: quad front diff??
    I havent got one yet, just looking at ideas and trying to gain some knowledge. im also looking at a transfer box from a small 4x4. This in theory could work really well depending on size.
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