The engine/tranny combo I'm going to be running (Suzuki G10/5-speed from a Geo Metro), combined with my 30" tires, is just not geared low enough for what I want to do. Currently what I'm considering is adapting the male splines off a set of axles to some solid shafts that I can mount sprockets to. I'll also be able to support these shafts externally on block bearings. I'll then tie the axles (to the wheels) to a center spool that will be driven off the transmission sprockets. I plan on using #50 or 530 chain and there will be two of them and it'll effectively turn it into a live axle buggy.

This will let me drop my gear ratios to where I really want them. On paper it seems to solve my problems, but I've never seen it done before. I'd just like a bit of input of anyone cares to offer any.