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    Yxz1000r trans + 929r gear ratios
    Planning a buggy build. I have a car 929r donor bike for motor I plan to couple with yxz1000r transmission. I'm looking for roundabout speed in gears with bike motor in 1st with yxz trans 1-5 And bike motor in 5th and yxz trans 1-5. Any help is appreciated. Thank you. This will be on a 32" tire.
    Yxz - 929r
    1st 2.059 - 2.73
    2nd 1.545 - 2.00
    3rd 1.192 - 1.60
    4th .962 - 1.37
    5th .806 - 1.23
    6th. - 1.13:1
    Yxz middle output reduction 1.864
    Front and rear diffs 3.66:1
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    Re: Yxz1000r trans + 929r gear ratios
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    Welcome to MBN!

    There's a spreadsheet here somewhere that will give you that info. Search around - I think it's a sticky.
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    Re: Yxz1000r trans + 929r gear ratios
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    Re: Yxz1000r trans + 929r gear ratios
    Yes I did try those, couldn't get them to load on my phone, I just need to know if I'm doing this correctly. So the yxz Trans I was corrected and has a middle input reduction of 1.864 and a output reduction of 1.660. So if I understand correctly I take 5th gear which is .806 and multiply it by the input of 1.864 and take that total and multiply it by by the output of 1.660. So I take the total of that and plug it into the transmission gear ratio in the gear/speed calculator.? Am I on the right track?
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    Re: Yxz1000r trans + 929r gear ratios
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    Try It is for motorcycles, it will allow you to change tire size, sprocket sizes and other stuff. So once you pull up your motorcycles engine and know the gear ratio for your differential and transmission just multiply your diff ratio by your transmission first gear ratio and say it's 4.6:1 for example, take 4.6 and multiply it by the stock front sprocket tooth number, say 17, and it gives you 78.2, then you change the rear sprocket size to 78.2 and it will show you the adjusted speeds throughout all the motorcycle gears and rpm range.
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