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    Mating VW trans to bike motor
    Has anyone ever adapted a vw trans to a bike motor on here? I have seen a few street bugs with them. It sounds like it could be a cool cheaper option to get reverse and 24 gears. It would rob some horsepower but from what I have seen guys break the clutch plates apart and take the center splined section to put bolts through them to make a spline adapter. Im sure it would be harder on the bike trans but could get CVT with no sprocket to eat up all the uptravel. I ask because I have a 2 seat old school highjumper frame sand rail I have been taking that to the desert lately being a 2 seater and can't leave anything alone. My car is slow to sell and built with vw parts so im starting to consider robbing all the parts off of it

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    Re: Mating VW trans to bike motor
    It has been done with varying results. A T1 trans will not hold up to a bike motor. An 091 will live for a little while. If you plan on using reverse, hunt for a 094.
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    Re: Mating VW trans to bike motor
    Most of the street bugs I have seen with bike motors have used Harley no transmission......but a big V-twin would be fun in a buggy!
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