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    Cvt install and tuning in Southern California
    Hi, I have a tazcar with a 2.2l ecotec. The clutch is worn quite a bit and I am looking to have it replaced with an stm (I think, from what I have read it's the best) but I know nothing about cvts and how to tune them. So I am looking for a shop/person that can install one and tune it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Or I can drive out to atv racing but that is a 1000 miles round trip
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    Re: Cvt install and tuning in Southern California
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    Sorry, I don't know the So Cal area, so I don't know who in that area would be able to install and tune the clutches.

    Clutch tuning is difficult only because there are so many options with springs, weights, etc that it can seem fairly intimidating, but the clutch vendor should be able to provide some general guidelines on springs and weights to use with the Ecotec engine. Installation is a matter of getting the clutches aligned with respect to each other and setting the distance between the clutches for the belt you're running.
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    Re: Cvt install and tuning in Southern California
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    What is the make of your primary that's on the Taz now
    The question is not if its gona roll. Its when ..

    That be some kind of church cruzzer or commuter bike thingy ?
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