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    Short Sandcars axles
    I have a older (non-longtravel) Short sandbar and need help with the rear axles. The owner before me made a repair to one of the axles and I want to replace it .....but....can't find a driveline shop here in Phx Az that help me. My axles appear to be a tube in a tube and a spliced shaft on the end. I need to know what the spliced what part is ???
    I will submit a picture of my axles shortly.
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    Re: Short Sandcars axles
    Hello Everyone,

    I have got the half shaft drive shafts figured out and am currently welding the tubes and shaft together. I am having trouble posting pictures of the axles and there pieces and my buggies.....trying to resize them and have them posted SOon ..?!?!

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    Re: Short Sandcars axles
    I finally figured my way through the pic section and have added pictures of the buggy and the axles that I and finalizing ......for a Halloween weekend at the dunes ;-) !!
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    Re: Short Sandcars axles
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    Welcome to MBN.

    Dune season's opening - forgot all about Halloween being the first big weekend. Been hot...

    The pic thing is an issue presently, but getting worked on in a couple of weeks.
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    Re: Short Sandcars axles
    Thanks K-Fab !!

    The pictures are in my profile page.
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