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    Chain driver conversion
    New to the forum was just wondering if this differential would be good to convert to chain drive.
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    Re: Chain driver conversion
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    Welcome to the site!

    Would you weld the body shut and make it oil tight?
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    Re: Chain driver conversion
    I've been reading lots of articles on what/how to do that but yes weld or make a sleeve to cover the open part.
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    Re: Chain driver conversion
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    I'm planning on doing the same thing with a Volkswagen Beetle differential. I'll seal it up, but I'm planning on using grease instead of oil. I suspect that oil would leak out around the shafts. Also, a Comet differential uses grease, so it should work.
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    Re: Chain driver conversion
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    Issue I found was sourcing bearings. But sure if close you could machine a bit from ends for bearing to ride. The cv shafts? Do they fit a common cv or gonna use ones from car? With enough machine time and welder most anything could work!

    Or heres a drop in ready setup I have for sale.
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