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    CVT With a Driveshaft
    Do any of you know of an ATV with a CVT that uses a drive shaft to drive a rear differential. I have a Acro quick change rear end ( that I would like to pair with a large displacement ATV engine and the matching CVT.
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    Re: CVT With a Driveshaft
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    I don't know for sure, but I believe the 2000-era Polaris Sportsman ATV's used a drive shaft instead of a chain.

    Edit: I took a look at a parts diagram for the 2007 Polaris Sportsman 700 and it shows a front and rear driveshaft with U-joints.
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    Re: CVT With a Driveshaft
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    I think a Yamaha Grizzly does as well
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    Re: CVT With a Driveshaft
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    Grizzlys do use a driveshaft. We have a 450, the ultramatic clutches are pretty nice as well, there is a centrifugal clutch driving the cvt clutch, so the belt is squeezed a little tighter than normal.
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    Re: CVT With a Driveshaft
    The Arctic Cat V-twin is the one notable that comes to mind that does NOT have a shaft driven rear. The engine includes a transaxle , with a shaft output for the front.
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    Re: CVT With a Driveshaft
    kawasaki 700 kfx does I believe. I want to use this a power plant for a small trail rig for my daughter some day....
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