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    CV Axle Length Issues
    Good afternoon all,
    I did a search but couldnt find an answer to my specific issue.

    So I purchased an EMPI 930 CV kit with 24" axles for my ST4 build. Everything fit up fine and I sized the axle length by moving my rear suspension to be level (ie shortest axle distance) and subtracted a quarter inch from my measurement, thus getting the 24" long axles.
    I did some test driving and this weekend pulled the axles apart to check things out. Well the outside cv had a bunch of metal debris in it and the axle is all mushroomed out and beaten. It has been rubbing against the inside of my axle stub, only on the wheel side, the driven side is nice and clean.
    It appears and when the buggy is riding above level, such that the a-arms are pointing downward(drooping) the weight of the axle just falls and bang against the outside wheel stub. I put the buggy up on jack stands and in full droop the axle rests against the wheel stub inner surface with about an inch of movement available to pull the axle towards my gearbox stub.

    My question is this, are my axles still to long? The only factor that will keep the axle from move to much is the snap ring that limits its stroke as the splined portion of axle moves through the CV.

    thank you
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    Re: CV Axle Length Issues
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    Went through that setin up mine. What I found was when my arms and cv flanges on the box where level with each other and straight in line the axles where to long and would bottom out. the box had to be off center a bit I put mine forward a bit there is now about 1/4 in of play back and forth with the axles or plunge . All was well after that.
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