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    Extending axle or wheel spacers
    Hey, my buggy has an old rear axle setup from a john deere trike, with the wheels on the total width is 1000mm i want it to be 1200mm overall. I wasnt sure to extend the axle by cutting it and adding 100mm each side or to make 100mm wheel spacers? Its only got a 250gsx engine in it so not heaps of power. Im leaning towards the wheel spacers just because its easier!
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    Re: Extending axle or wheel spacers
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    I would do the wheel spacers.
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    Re: Extending axle or wheel spacers
    Is it better to make one with long bolts that replace the original studs or one with two flanges and a tube inbetween?
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    Re: Extending axle or wheel spacers
    Made up my wheel spacers this morning. 100mm each side.
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