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    Re: countershaft to axle distance
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    Whats wrong with the 750?
    "Speed is time-time is speed"-Dennis Hopper

    Quote Originally Posted by TALON View Post
    did you use a special bigfoot camera or something ,you know all blurry could be a tree stump kinda thing .
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    Re: countershaft to axle distance
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    Not enough power, it runs fine and will be up for sale if anyone is interested, engine exhaust wire harness and ecu.
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    Re: countershaft to axle distance
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    Not enough power in a single seater? I loved my 750, the busa pulls like a freight train, but doesn't light up like the 750. It was a hoot to drive right around 7-10k rpm.
    Proud owner of a two seat pucker-mobile. Funco inspired mini buggy powered by a Busa. Giving out free rides to anyone brave enough.
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