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    lawn mower engine drivetrain questions.
    Hello everybody. Im new to this forum and mini buggys in general so im not sure if this is posted in the right area. Im in the planning stages of building my first buggy, most likely a single seater because it will be driven in the woods probably 90% of the time. My initial design is styled like a rock bouncer using a 20hp lawn mower engine with a solid front axle with a 3 or 4 link suspension and a swing arm in the rear. I would really like to mount the engine up front and sit over the rear. I way 220 lbs so I feel its more then enough weight to balance it out. I thought about just using the same belt driven set up as the tractor just extended and use the mowers transaxle with extended axles. I know they are not the strongest units but I dont intend on going over 20 to 25 mph. Does anyone see are real problems with this plan? Any input would be much appreciated. Im really eager to learn more about this stuff
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    Re: lawn mower engine drivetrain questions.
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    Welcome to MBN!

    Is there any way you can post up some pictures to give us an idea of what you're wanting to do?

    If I understand what you're talking about, there's a belt that comes off the engine and goes to the trans? - is this a CVT setup?
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    Re: lawn mower engine drivetrain questions.
    I believe he is talking about a straight up V-belt from the crank to the trans/rear end.

    IMO, any scrap yard ATV would be a much better donor.
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    Re: lawn mower engine drivetrain questions.
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    Unfortunately, I don't own a lawn tractor, so I can't give you a solid opinion on your build, but I would tend to agree with mech_head regarding an ATV versus a lawn tractor as your donor vehicle. Most parts on an ATV can be readily adapted for a buggy build. A lawn tractor would certainly be unique, but that would also make it difficult to get advice on the build.

    I would also think that 25 mph as a top speed would be too slow. That's only slightly faster than the speed through a school zone. I would shoot for a minimum 35 mph so you can get some thrill when you hit the flat, level portions of the trail.
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