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    Re: FNR gear box issue
    so for anyone till following this, here is my final conclusion on this matter as it is now fixed. there is no ball and bairing, just a shift fork with a bolt holding it in place by a notch in the arm were the bolt comes through the case. the cog is held in gear by one simple spring on the outside of the case holding the shift fork in the forward position, this spring over time becomes weak and can no longer hold the shift fork in gear under heavy stress or high speed. adding a spring return like a carburetor on a car can not only fix the issue but make it stronger and thus less prone to failure. this took alot of farting around and trial and error to diagnose but seems to have remedied the problem. good luck to anyone that comes across this issue on the chinese made machines, hopefully you read this thread and save yourself some time and money with this remedy.
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    Re: FNR gear box issue
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    Thats cool. Glad to hear you got it working.
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    did you use a special bigfoot camera or something ,you know all blurry could be a tree stump kinda thing .
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