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    Transaxle for UTV build
    I'm thinking about building a UTV type vehicle to use around our farm using a 20hp Kohler engine and this Dana Spicer transaxle with FNR:


    I saw on the specs that it has a auxilary output shaft that can use a right angle gearbox to run to a secondary differencial to use in a 4x4 application, which I would like to do. Does anyone see any issues with doing something like this?


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    Re: Transaxle for UTV build
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    only 48" wide,,,but looks like it could work nice on a small 20hp vehicle.

    good price for FNR & axle
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    Re: Transaxle for UTV build
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    Its geared deep, but setup right with a cvt it would be sweet. Offset wheels would put you out to 60" easy. +1 on a good price.
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    Re: Transaxle for UTV build
    Hope you don't plan on going very fast. Its geared very, very deep, 13.25:1 foward, 14.36:1 reverse. So with a 26" tire @3600 RPM you only get a top speed of 21 MPH!
    I have 2 of them (1 for spare) powered by a 10HP Diesel and a Comet 40 CVT with a chain reduction. Haven't got it on wheels yet but the drivetrain is done.

    Also don't plan on making it 4WD very easily. The 4WD output shaft is reverse rotation with a 4.89:1 reduction from the input shaft. The only UTV that I have found that uses this transaxle is the China one from Tractor Supply and it uses the 2WD version, not the 4.
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