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    What gearing to run?? D:
    I am in the process of building my mini buggy and I have somewhere around a 40 tooth sprocket ( it is small!) but I was wondering what kinda of gearing you guys are running? My buggy is a single seater With a Yamaha r1 motor The frame weighs 115 bare. I am not sure what the motor weighs and I am running fox 2.0 air shocks. It's not on the ground yet and for me to run a bigger sprocket I need to modify my driveline do I need to? Please help!
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    Re: What gearing to run?? D:
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    Yes 40 is too small.
    IMO 14/60 would be a good place to start for tire diameters up to 28".
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    Re: What gearing to run?? D:
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    17/60 is too tall.

    Your frame is 115 lbs? Seems a little light for something with an R1 going into it...

    Got any pics?
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    Re: What gearing to run?? D:
    Yes I do have some pictures I will upload them tonigh when I have a computer. It is 115 with nothing no floor or anything. The bottom half and the roll cage is all 1 inch .120 wall and the middle section is 96 wall. The counter sprocket is a 15 tooth and I put a 50 tooth sprocket on the rear today I think it's still gonna be geared to high unfortunately. What do you guys think?
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    Re: What gearing to run?? D:
    I have a single seat with a 600 honda that weighs 780# and I run a 15/62 gearing.I also have a 2 seater with a 1000rr that weighs 1050 and I run a15/66 gear. Both these will take off without revving up to move and still give you a ride to remember. good luck Doc
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