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    Driveline info
    Im a mechanic a fabricator and a machinists, but im new to offroading and im brand new to minibuggies, and ive got an isane amount of questions. I see alot of question and answers on here, but i dont want to sit around asking you guys that know all the time, and im wondering if theres anywhere i can find some good info or if someone can point me in the right direction with a couple of things. See im building a GSX 600 2 seater and ive got a more than a few problems to work out.

    - What kind of axles do most builders run?
    - What kind of travel do different axles allow for and what do i do about axles for extreme travel? (like 14-16 in)
    - I was planning on using a center rear shaft mounted to the frame in large bearings (i work in a few factories, can get wild bearings and brackets cheap) Is that rediculous? or a good plan? who can i get to make shafts? and is there anywhere i can get CV shafts with a female reciever like those for subaru's which would allow for male ends on the center shaft

    - Does anyone know a simple reliable way to build a revrese gearbox/reducer spool, i have no need for a diff, especially if it costs me 3k (like quaffi). I can fabricatre well, i have a pretty nice knee mill, access to CNC laser cutting and im a good welder, just unsure of the acctual mechenism for switching to reverse

    - Im trying to reduce the top speed as much as possible, being that the trans tops out at 210 with the 16/45 setup that comes stock on the bike, does anyone know of a good top speed calculator i could use, i know ive seen them for bikes before

    If i just said a whole bunch of newby BS please dont flame me, im just looking for some help, or really some places i can read up and help myself, too many questions to ask everything on here
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    Re: Driveline info
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    As for travel, start here: CV Joints 101 then use a triange page like this: Right Triangle Angle And Side Calculator
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    Re: Driveline info
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    Here's a good place to start. ttginc and his brother used a fair amount of machining skills to build a buggy and he did an excellent job describing the process, plus listing the highs and lows of building a buggy:

    Also, I would suggest the same advice that we throw out to all new buggy builders: Order a set of plans similar to what you want to build and pore over the details. It's not that we are lazy and don't want to take the time to help, but there are a million details involved in building a buggy. You want to use the plans to get a grasp of the fundamentals, then ask specific questions for your build.

    As to your questions, most builders who are looking to build a long-travel minibuggy use Porsche 930 CV joints and axles. They're a proven technology and there are lots of builders who have experience using them. A good, cheap FNR gearbox is still an elusive beast. Some builders, such as ttginc, use a starter motor for reverse. Others, such as myself, forego reverse and learn to live without it. Others will tell you that an RPM FNR box is the best investment you'll ever make. Take your pick, as far as an answer to that question is concerned. Gear reduction is another popular topic. I'm not using a bike engine, so I don't know the answer, but there are several smart people here on the forums who can help calculate out the sprocket ratios you'll need for the tire size you'll be using.

    Welcome to the site!
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    Re: Driveline info
    why thank you sir, im looking into buying the plans for an st3 now, and starting with an already built suspension is going to be a huge time saver, i just need to work out alot of little details if i buy them (im a perfectionist, i have to change things lol). And believe me, the last thing i want to do is have to come to a forum to solve my problems.
    I was really hoping for a few more technical websites, books, drawings, but any and all info is welcome
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