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    Track kit
    Has anyone seen, used or thought of trying a 2wd mini buggy/sand rail with a snow track kit and skis on the front?
    They make these kits for sport atv's, just curious.....
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    Re: Track kit
    Yeah, there have been a few of them around. No links for you, but there are some videos out there.
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    Re: Track kit
    I would design and build my buggy to fit. If I decide to go 2wd I will be entering that part into the design of the buggy as well as body work to allow for a heater and defroster setup, for comfortable enjoyment on the sled trails. Just imagine pulling up to your favorite watering hole loaded with sled heads and climb out of your buggy in a light jacket and shoes, not to mention a buddy with you.
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    Re: Track kit
    This will only work with a diff in the back otherwise the steering would probably push a lot to the point of uncrontrable. The wide stance of the buggy gives the tracks a lot of leverage
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    Re: Track kit
    i am planing on tracks for the winter as i live in Maine and well we get alot of snow(crap) My buddy has a Kei class jap truck with tracks it is pretty awsome. I just hoping that my buggy will have the grunt to turn them since i am running a CBR 600 motor and it will be 4x4 with samurai transfer and subi LSD diff (possibly toyota diff) and the body will be tubbed and sealed. Havent gotten as far as roof or windows but can find a place near by that does jeep soft tops maybe have them make me a custom one and the heater will be a no brainer.
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    Re: Track kit
    just buy a polaris rzr and put the tracks kit on. then buy the cab and heater kit. thats what I would do. but the cool factor isn't as good
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    Re: Track kit
    plus the cost is outragous yo would have close if not over 20g's in it buy the time you bought the cab, heater and tracks they do look sweet my neighbor has one
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