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    Quick Change gears & shafts
    Looking for more info on the Quick Change (QC) gears used in dwarf cars, etc. What is the center-to-center distance of the shafts the gears fit onto in a quick change rearend? How available is shafting with the 6 & 10-spline the gears come with? I've looked all over and can't find an answer to the first question (or what the pitch of the gears is) and haven't really seen a good source for shafting with that spline.
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    Re: Quick Change gears & shafts
    6 spline are 3" center to center.
    10 spline are 3.5" C2C.

    The Winters 7" QC use gears that are 2.5" C2C.......
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    Re: Quick Change gears & shafts
    Sweet, thank you. I did find some shafting in HubCity's catalog so once I see how 3 or 3.5" OC works I can order some gears and see if the shafting will work.
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