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    Redline Riot / Revolt FNR gearbox useage??
    Has anyone looked into using the production CVT F/N/R transmission from a Reline Revolt or Riot UTV's
    I haven't heard of anyone exploring this yet?
    Heard that they are around $2,000 retail ,as a new replacement oem unit.
    I would guess that they are not of the quality of a RPM unit. Are they built overseas?
    Any thoughts?
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    Re: Redline Riot / Revolt FNR gearbox useage??
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    Are they willing to sell them separately?

    I've seen one in a Revolt - looks to be a nice enough unit. Don't know anything else about it, though.

    Does anyone know what ratio they are?
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    Re: Redline Riot / Revolt FNR gearbox useage??
    A friend of mine said that he saw a post on a Redline forum for a place in south Utah Red Rock Rails, that is a Redline dealer, and answered a baja teams question about getting them.
    I couldn't find the forum or you have to join one? I don't have a Redline, I am just trying to upgrade my Triple EEE Desert Star II.
    I think that we spoke a few months back, when I posted asking what power my Comet FNR would handle. Or maybe it was Bug pac? Someone was thinking of getting rid of a Drakart unit, but I never heard back.
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    Re: Redline Riot / Revolt FNR gearbox useage??
    I was at a race last year and a Redline broke the box on a whoop. All I know.
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    Re: Redline Riot / Revolt FNR gearbox useage??
    heres the dealers website red rock rails let him know xmotorcr "jerry" sent you.

    mine works great so far. "knock on wood" i've had zero problems with my entire car.
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