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    KFX450R Powered w/ 4 Link Rear
    So I had an Idea, what if you made something trophy kart sized, maybe a bit bigger, use a KFX450R quad motor turned sideways, driving a cut down samurai rear axle, and 4 link suspension? Kfx would work good because it has electric start, 5 speed w/ reverse, and has around 40hp stock. Thought about that, maybe with a custom 1.25-1.75" Chromoly "driveshaft", It would be more a trophy truck type, 4 link rear and Dual A arms front. Opinions? Would this even work, and have good power to weight, would it be enough power to be fun?

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    Re: KFX450R Powered w/ 4 Link Rear
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    Axle will be too heavy.There is a much easier way. A long time ago I posted a sketch of an idea i had for a four link with a sprocket and everyone busted my balls. (My 3-link go-kart rear axle concept) I with I was good with solid modeling, could draw it very easily.This guy just stumbled upon the same thing I was saying in about 2007.Skip to about 6 min. Its a lot smaller, but concept is the same. I was to do it today, Id look for a used micro sprint rear axle.(or new, if you have the money) Very adjustable, aluminum and unlimited parts availability.F!@#$N photobukit!
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