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    Solidworks Tutorials
    Hey been hanging around the forums for along time and i have learned alot. I have been trying to learn solidworks and have found some tutorials that are really helping figured i would share with those of you that are interested. Any questions or problems feel free to ask im more then willing to help. If im steping on any toes here because of the nature of how these are obtained i apologize and please delete this.

    Learn all about SolidWorks?2009. In this series, lessons are filled with engaging examples and exercises that are just enough to inspire
    SolidWorks confidence, yet not too much to confuse and frustrate the learner.
    Upon completion of the course, learners will be prepared to challenge the CSWA exam.

    SolidWorks Tutorial By Magnitude

    Learn the basic and advanced features of SolidWorks step by step with the SolidWorks Tutorial DVD by Magnitude Engineering Solutions. The DVD plays instantly on your computer and comes with its own menu and media player so there is no instillation required. Just insert the DVD and choose what lesson you want from the menu. You're able to play, pause, rewind or fast forward at anytime giving you the flexibility to learn at your own individual pace. These tutorials are made by industry professionals who are Certified SolidWorks users and will give you the tools to learn and master SolidWorks quickly and easily. This SolidWorks Tutorial is applicable to all versions of SolidWorks and comes with everything listed below.

    * 194 Video Tutorials
    * Project part files required to follow the tutorials
    * Screen Resolution of 1280 x 800
    * Audio narration for each tutorial from start to finish
    * Sample projects

    This is the most complete and comprehensive tutorial available. It is perfect for beginners as well as advanced SolidWorks users. These are the tutorials included on the DVD.
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    Re: Solidworks Tutorials
    very nice sharing Dromas it is very helpful for me thanks...........
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    Re: Solidworks Tutorials
    there are a lots of place that can buy solidworks at low price get free tutorials
    and if you want you can get student edition @
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