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    How do you remove this driven CVT unit?
    I had a puller given to me for the driver unit on the engine but this driven one has me stumped.. That end bolt is really short, I thought it would have had a bolt going a long ways in there. Any advise from those who know?
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    Re: How do you remove this driven CVT unit?
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    That’s an Arctic Cat driven. It should slide off the shaft, which is keyed.

    Rubber mallet to the back side as close to the shaft as possible while slowly spinning it.

    I’d hit it with some PB Blaster first and let it soak a day.
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    Re: How do you remove this driven CVT unit?
    This thing is stuck but good. I've got good access to the back of it but I'm afraid to give it much more than a little love tap back there. I may try to disassemble down to the sleeve area so I can try some heat to help the penetrating oil get in there.
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    Re: How do you remove this driven CVT unit?
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    Pb blaster.

    Shouldn't be too hard to rig up a puller to the front? I see three bolts.

    Just don't jam something into the threaded hole and screw up the threads.
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