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    Drakart has parts in stock
    After a few years of hit and miss, Drakart is back to full production levels. They have parts in stock. There are also new models to choose from. I am a drakart owner and have nothing to do with the company, but like all owners, I hope they get some support from owners so we can all have a supply of parts for years to come. Call Alain Fricker at 760-713-1936 or for parts or new cars. My name is Brian, you can use me as a resource as well. Happy Drakarting!!!!!
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    Re: Drakart has parts in stock
    They build the best buggies out there imo. I want a new intimidator so bad.
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    Re: Drakart has parts in stock
    same as the Gen 1 but add power steering, bigger wheels, more room and a bit more body fit and finish plus a dash and console. Who wouldn't like that? There is a few other choices for small cars out there, but they should all be INTIMIDATED!!! Hehe.
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