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    Formula Cross Engine Options
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    With Drakarts roots in supermoto format racing in Europe, it'd be nice to have something similar here in the states.

    I noticed they are running bike engines in the small framed formula crosses.

    I was wondering if anybody had came across pictures of a fireblade or any other engine they use in the car.

    Im thinking about swapping out my 583 for CBR929 I have laying around.

    Any comments?
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    Re: Formula Cross Engine Options
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    No pictures here, but I think it would be sweet! The trans has gearing suited to a bike engine.
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    Re: Formula Cross Engine Options
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    The later Tiger and Tornado use bike engines, all driving through the Drakart Transmission. They just use a different shaft for a gear instead of the clutch.


    This has an RX1 engine fitted.

    The problem i think would be that the bike engine is too wide for such a small frame, it would end up hanging way out the side. The transmissions are already offset with the smaller Formula crosses.
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