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    660 Turbo
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    can anyone tell me if there is a high performance head gasket rather than the standard normal "paper" gasket for the Arctic Cat 660 Turbo?
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    My 660 turbo has the stock Arctic Cat head gasket and its a metal gasket with a rubber coating on the out side of it. Are you sure yours is paper?
    I pulled mine apart last year and the old gasket was metal and the new one I ordered from the Arctic Cat dealer was metal.

    JD Powersports knows alot about these engines, I have one of there plug and play boxes that increase motor to 150 HP

    stuff I learned about the 660 turbo engine over the years

    look at page 3 of this link it has 2 pictures of my head gasket, I had spark plug tip brake and the engine started arcing between the head and cylinder, it melted my metal head gasket in the area where the motor was arcing.
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