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    Re: Finned CV problem
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    I torque the CV to 50 ft-lbs.

    I was using RCV Finned CV
    Ultimate Plunging 930 CV Joint - Finned, Chromoly Cage, 300M Race and 28 Spline

    The CV boot flange I use sets against the CV where the CV is bent. The CV boot flange is 0.130 thick.

    The Stage-8 bolts stopped the CV bolts coming loose.
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    Re: Finned CV problem
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    Straight off their website: "This joint is backed by RCV's unbeatable "No Questions Asked Limited Lifetime Warranty"

    Sounds like it's time for a phone call, eh?
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    Re: Finned CV problem
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    I have seen finned Cv's before and not all need to be cut clear to the bolt holes. If I recall right its an idea that shaves weight off to go as deep as the bolt holes. Instead of just cutting the fins for cooling in the still solid metal.

    But as you can see to much can ruin them.
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    Re: Finned CV problem
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    I'd give RCV a buzz. Everything I'd heard/seen they will make it good. Why I bought my non-plunge 930's from them.
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