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    Vintage pilot

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    Re: Vintage pilot
    Beautiful! A little touch-up, and you'd have a museum piece.
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    Re: Vintage pilot
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    Damn, that thing is a garage queen.
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    Re: Vintage pilot
    that thing is mint!
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    Re: Vintage pilot
    Winning bid 17,500!
    Edge Piranha with Sled Engine, 2 Margay sprint race karts, and a couple of fun Karts
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    Re: Vintage pilot
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    I'm calling shenanigans.
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    Re: Vintage pilot
    if someone paid that much they must have really wanted this thing badly, you can find them in that condition for around $7000.
    you can pick up a new sxs fit 2 people, 4wd and warranty for that price!
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