I was just reading threads on oil coolers whether to run one or not as for me I run one. But I do have a question that know one seems to be addressing maybe some of you guys can help . I have busa in a rail running a large alluminum radiator with 16 spal fan ducted to top of radiator just like Yoshi uses. My oil cooler is mounted to the underside of radiator so fan pulls air over it as well as radiator. My question is this with the oil cooler mounted high above engine when filled to capacity the oil all pools in the engine block when engine is cold setting turned off. When engine is running the sight gauge is always completely under oil level or other words the sight gauge is useless because oil level is always above the glass. So is the extra oil that's in the lines and cooler causing to much back pressure in the case. I just started getting oil coming out of crankcase breather sounds like the added oil from cooler may be causing excessive pressure what are your thoughts thanks abg.