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    Re: Cooling fan questions
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    Quote Originally Posted by Martinm210 View Post
    I don't recall which brand I bought but it was very similar to:

    Derale Performance Deluxe Adjustable Fan Controllers with Radiator Probes 16759 - Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing

    I can't recall but it does have a very similar control box and external probe you slip into the radiator fins as the above. Instruction sheet for the Hayden looks familiar. I only used one of the fan channels and did not use the ac switching. i have mine set at about 190 right now which has the fan going more regularly in this hot weather. Default it started kicking on at about 180-185 so I bumped it up a little. That's still a bit cooler than the OEM 212F switch point per my gsxr service manual, but it seems like good operating point is 180-220 and I wanted to stay a bit on the cooler side out of personal preference just because I could.. Even when driving in 99F weather at most I saw 192F.
    I put one of those Derale adjustable fan controllers on my buggy when I first built it. It eventually failed during a race, so my engine overheated and I had to DNF. I bought a replacement, and it just never worked correctly; I think the unit was defective. I gave up on it altogether and put in a fixed temp switch (180deg F I think) which is the right range for my sled engine anyway.

    Part of the problem I had is that I think the adjustable controller is not fully weather proof, and I just had it mounted to the back side of the firewall. I was riding/racing in wet and muddy conditions at times, and hosing the buggy off frequently. Maybe if you put it in a sealed enclosure (or only ride in dunes) it would hold up better.
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    Re: Cooling fan questions
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    I heard someone else mention they are not waterproof as well. The little potentiometer and relay probes are all pretty exposed. No issues with mine yet, but I am planning to completely seal off my electrical area in back so there should be any water exposure. Will keep an eye on temps though just in case.
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    Re: Cooling fan questions
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    We had issues with the adjustable fan controllers on the big 4 Seater Cotes prerunner. I ended up jumping them in the middle of Baja. Radiator controller went out south of San Felipe. Oil Cooler controller went out north of Loreto. Radiator and offroad shops sell the pipe thread aluminum bungs for off shelf temp probes. 1" Hole saw + 3 minutes of Tig welding = bulletproof"ish" setup. I'll bet a radiator shop would weld it for $20 if you can't weld Aluminum.
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    Re: Cooling fan questions
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