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    oil cooler block off plates
    I see there are some oil cooler block off plates for the hayabusa out there. Why would you need to use these? Is there any positive/negative effects they would have on the engine?
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    Re: oil cooler block off plates
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    Drag racing is the only thing I can think of. Save a little weight and it does not run long enough to get overly hot (you hope).I would use every bit of cooling anything in a buggy as its heavier than the bike with four soft tires off road.
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    Re: oil cooler block off plates
    Stock busa cooler is mounted right in front of the headers. In the bike, that's fine as it gets lots of airflow, but in a buggy, behind a firewall with no airflow, the oil cooler turns into a big heat sink.

    If you don't relocate the cooler somewhere that it will get good airflow, your better to just take it off IMO.

    If you remove the cooler, pull the filter and remove the big alan with a small hole through it to allow for more oil flow.

    I have ran a handful of rails without the oil cooler. I make my own block off plates and cap them off. Never had a customer blow up a motor without a cooler and I have rails that have been running around for almost 10 years without one.........
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