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    how to connect my clutch cable?
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    What is the proper way to connect my clutch cable? I don't have a hyd. clutch, and I want to use a morse cable, but how to I connect the stock cable to the morse? Can I solder it to something that screws onto the morse cable? Thanks. I also have a ball on one end of the stock cable, maybe something can pull on that? What is Bug do to attach his?
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    Re: how to connect my clutch cable?
    I built an adapter for my neighbor's GSXR engined sand dragster. I welded a nut that fit the Morse cable to a piece of tubing. I ground a slot in the middle of the tubing that the ball fit in. I welded the end closed. I cut a slot wide enough for the cable from the middle slot to the end. You have to have the ends of both cable housings mounted to the frame. Car was sold to a guy in Calif. or I could get you a picture. Tim
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