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    What are some lights that you use on your rigs? With mine I'm wanting to at least be able to register it to use it on state trails and what not and make it street legal. So I'm just looking for advice for mainly headlights. Tail lights, thinking either LED trailer or ATV/motorcycle lights. Turn signals more than likely buy a kit for a motorcycle or dirt bike/dual sport. I'll be adding LED flood lights for when I'm out hunting or out on the lake coming back in or going out at night. I'm probably working with about 18 amps, but some had to be diverted to charge the battery, rather not tax the system too much.
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    If you want it street legal, depending on the state, you may need dot approved lights. I used vision x led lights on mine, but they are not dot approved. They throw a ton of light though.
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    Re: Lighting
    Well just want to be registered as an ATV really so I can run on the road if need be and not have any issues.
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