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    Re: Hayabusa Clutch Switch Secrets
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    I'm not 100% on the TLR's.

    Later in that thread one member mentioned that hooking the relay up on his bike caused the TRE to not work like it normally does, which would be a good sign that it was running the neutral map, and not the 5th gear map.

    My Hayabusa ran fine in the neutral map, and I probably could have ran it like that without harm. After trying out both, the neutral map felt a little flatter from 3k-8k, where the standard map seemed to pull harder as the revs climbed. The biggest difference is how it dropped off much faster near the redline.
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    Re: Hayabusa Clutch Switch Secrets
    Do you have a power commander on your busa motor??? My TLS has the TRE , power commander and a full yoshimura exhaust .... I have a generic fuel map programmed into my power commander ....wonder if any of these things make a difference. I have never had a dyno comparison between the way it ran with and without the relay fix.... So I am as s much in the dark about it as well ....but it does seem to run fine judging by my seat of the pants luck and hope it gets sorted soon.
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    Re: Hayabusa Clutch Switch Secrets
    When I first read this a while back I thought these are are full of it... then I got an education. My education came in the form of a Nissan Pathfinder. I could not get the ECU smog readiness monitors to clear. I kept reading about very minor voltage drops on the ECU / engine grounds, anything more than a 25 mVolt drop causes the ECU issues. I played around for a few hours and finally checked mine and sure enough there was 280 mVolt drop on my ECU grounds. Cleaned them up and added an additional ground and in 2 minutes of driving it the smog readiness monitors "cleared". I will be making modifications to my clutch switch wiring tomorrow.
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