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    Re: Ignition Switch Bypass
    You offered help/clarification.
    I'm confused about the resistor installation. Another diagram here - - shows the resistor installed onto both wires and then the other end of the 100k leads to a switch. However, this how-to says that each end of the resistor goes to the prospective switch leads. Are there two resistors, one, do both wires connect to one end and a switch to the other or do both ends of the switch wires terminate to the resistor and that's the end of the circuit?

    I'm "not bad" with home-made circuitry, just the two different diagrams have me nervous and I DO NOT want to fry my ECU.

    I'm installing a 05 GSXR750 into a street AutoX car... I don't have an ignition and I'm trying to start the darn thing before a fabricate the carrier unit that will bolt to the frame.

    *Oh, additionally, if the diagram is currect on the website provided AND, it too is saying that a resistor goes in between O and O/Y, how do you install a switch to it if the circuit was completed by both wires terminating to each side of the resistor*

    Thanks in advance guys, really.

    If you want to see the car in it's previous state, with a Honda 30hp and did 90mph, go here - - The new power plant and all the work that I'm dong should change things quite a bit )
    It's crazy what a GSXR 750 motor and a GT20 turbo will do... <sinister giggle>
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    Re: Ignition Switch Bypass
    would like to have a diagram can anybody help need switch bypass and kill switch bypass on a 04 gsxr 600 thanks
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    Re: Ignition Switch Bypass
    Does anyone have any info on what the wiring mods would be for a 99 kawasaki ZX600 to make it work? It was working, but I relocated the existing start switch, now I have no spark. The switch had 12vdc power to what appeared to jumper to both locations on the switch inputs, and in the first position it turned on the electric fuel pump and the ignition (this is a maintained contact), the next position was a momentary contact closure which went to the starter relay. The only wire I didn't hook back on the new switch was to the fuel pump (I thought), I feed it from a new relay. I'm thinking that must be some king of input to the ignition module, and does both in and fuel pump. Any ideas anyone

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    Re: Ignition Switch Bypass
    Never mind, went back over the wiring I had removed, sure enough, I found a 100 ohm resistor in line with the Gray/Blk wire.Installed it back in the new wiring, it fired right up.
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