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    A few ideas about promoting
    I have been reading on here for years and I see a future for buggy racing that should be great. As a old desert racer and circle track cars and motocross. I have noticed a trend over the years. I'll start with motocross for a track promoter the key to success is putting butts in the seats. When I was young all motocross was outdoors. Now it's mostly indoors. That's so that more seats are available and folks can watch the races in comfort. It sure isn't for the riders. You are seeing this in many forms of motor sports stadium trucks and Buggys, and many others that I'll get to in a min. The reason for this is economics plain and simple. When I was desert racing motorcycles in the 80s spectators would be at the start and at a few places along the course. And only the really big races had camera coverage by helicopter so that folks could see it from the comfort of their houses. And the racing has suffered from it. But it's a double edged sword. If a lot of money gets involved then it some how seems to cost even more to race. This is one of the reasons why grassroots racing is so popular here in the states. And Buggys seem to be tailor made for this. That's why we have seen stadium lites. And in the case of motocross vintage racing. And mud boggers and many others. One form of racing that was very popular in the seventys and still is going today is rally racing. I did some in the seventys and had a blast doing it. But guess what that had to go the way of the stadium too and global rally cross was born. If you ever watched a rally cross it's over real fast they don't have any fillers in between rounds. I watch the vids of the kart cross events in Sweden and think that could take off here too. It's just a cheaper way to do it and if you have seen some of this stuff it looks like fun. And would fit in with the rally cross great. For me to do something like this wouldn't be possible unless I won the lottery. And that's not likely but I posted this as a idea as to how to get a class or a series started. For a track owner or a promoter to get behind a idea. You have give them some incentive to do it. This won't work for some racing like desert racing. And please do not think I'm saying anything bad about desert racing I'm not I love it. But as a lot of you know desert racing isn't really a spectator sport. But as the price of racing goes up and it always does. I think that motorcycle or snowmobile powered Buggys makes sense. They are still cheap they are very fast and that gives the people excitement. And a entry point into the bigger faster forms of racing. I'm sure there is many folks on this forum that know all this and more. So I'm just rehashing stuff that's old news. But for many folks the mini Buggys are something they have never been exposed to. The secret is to present your case to the promoter of series owner or track owner that they need you. Now if I could just figure out how to win the lottery! Bill
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    Re: A few ideas about promoting
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    I agree. You are right on every point.
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    Re: A few ideas about promoting

    JD has gotten a deal going --this pertains to the china-style 150cc mini buggies, but if he can find enough interest, an open class can be added. Sadly I can't make the haul down to participate.

    He also has a FB page going for it.
    This is how it gets going, grass roots with someone to push the ball along ....
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