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    2010 MWRA schedule
    MWRA has set up some races for 2010 in OH, IL, and IN. If you want to race we would like to see you there. Here is the link to the schedule and the MWRA rules. They do have the stock class which lets you run your stock machine with very min. rules. For you revolt and RZR guys. You will need to go to the forum for the schedule, they have not updated the website yet.

    2010 mwra/waora schedule
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    Re: 2010 MWRA schedule
    Team Stoneman plans to hit a few of these dates.
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    Re: 2010 MWRA schedule
    How about it guys now that Bob's is shut down want to follow this series? Pick out a few and call it the GLORRA series as we pick up tracks in Michigan this year. I got a late start on it and a lot of schedules were already posted. So if we want to race these are the guys we need to tag along with I may have a race for us at I-96 July 3rd and the 30th I will keep ya posted. How many of ya are interested in lets say a 45 minute to an hour enduro? There is also this track who are probably some of the greatest people in the world to host a race. This is Mini-Bajamans home track. most of the tracks are around 5-7hrs away. Until we get some tracks supporting us here we have to go where the racing is or sit home I myself prefer to go race. I have tracks interested its just late in the year to put us on the schedule I do have a very nice TT track I think we could all have a some fun on even if we just did some playing on it I know Jody and Dan would love to get on it and I myself would love to as well. There are two other tracks here in Mi we might be able to get on before years out but I am still working on them.

    I need some input here guys and any more tracks you may know of networking is the thing to do to find the tracks we need.
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