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    what class
    I am wanting to build a r-16 shotgun with a zx-14 motor and a fnr and I not shour what class it fits in. i live in so cal and want to race some desert and some short course.
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    Re: what class
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    Take a look at this post here

    Tonico is working on the rules and setting up classes for a desert series he is putting together for next year. He is taking input on what classes people want. He has set up an open class and he says even people with turbos are welcome he will just give a 5 minute penalty to them type deal until maybe enough show up to make them their own class etc.
    So take a look at that post and give some input on what you think.

    I think it would fit perfectly in the open class as the BajaBrothers are racing theirs and it is really kicken butt. Check out there post about their R-16 and they just won with their car also.
    You have to do some additionl bracing they said for racing but others they say it is awesome and they are wining some races with it so it must be pretty darn good. Plus Rorty's plans are really good.

    As for the desert racing it is a blast and building a mini buggy for it and racing it in an organization designed around racin them is the ticket.

    Also check out Glen Helen raceway they also race them.
    Several places do actually so no worries you will find places to race in CA. for sure. Just need to build per the rules and your all set.

    Sounds cool nice to have another person wanting to run in the desert. I wish my car was done already but it is going slow.. but I will hopefully have it done by the time Tonico is starting his racing series.

    By the way your not far from me and should come out and meet up at one of the MORE races.
    Talk to you soon,

    If you have any questions hit me up.

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    Re: what class
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    Riverside, CA.
    Here is a quote of what he was thinking so far of classes... so give input now why he is laying down the ground work and get involved if you like.
    The open class I have been talking with him to maybe just make it open for now? Motorcycle engines of any size and wheel base open for now. Then see how all these open cars do and make some more classes later when you get enough entries and what not? That was my thinking?

    Anyways here is what Tonico had posted in that topic so far about classes for mini buggies.

    [quote: Tonico]
    "I want to keep the class definitions as straight forward and simple as possible. As I said I don't want to turn tech inspections into science projects.
    There is one other thing that I may add to the "stock" buggies is CVT's required. The 90" wheel base will take care of most all Stadium/Short Course
    lights with engines at 800cc four stroke and 500cc two stroke.
    Mod buggies at 100" wheel base, 1000cc engines, any transmission.
    Open 110", 1200cc, m/c engines only.
    If someone rolls up with a turbo, he gets a 5 minute per lap handicap or something like that.
    I am not initially going to worry about tire size or or suspension travel for now.
    I think that I will clarify that anyone can take a 90" car and shoehorn a 1000cc or 1200 cc engine in it and race in the next class or two classes up. The wheelbase rule is for Max. no minimum required.

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    Re: what class
    thanks tut. looks like it wont be a problem to fit it into a class ill look into it a little more when my plans get here in a couple days. I would like to meet up with you at a race ive never seen a truck and buggy race mostly because i race district 37 and usdr. I want to get off the bike and into a cage not that a rollcage is totally safe but i have to many aches and pains that i have to live with from crashes. are you going to the kartech race in january?
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