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    Overheating Barracuda
    Hey guys, i have started enclosing the top half of the engine bay with pannels, including a fire wall behind my head. running the same radiator every one else seems to use but finding after a few minutes it starts to overheat. i have a 12 inch fan on the back of the rad, and two side scoops at the front of the pannels and a overhead scoop with a flap pushing air down below the radiator. has anyone else had this issue and any ideas on how to help it?
    using a hayabusa gen1 also
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    Re: Overheating Barracuda
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    Pic of rad setup from front and side. You may have a dead air space. Kinda like in bed of pickup truck. Any cooling issues before?
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    Re: Overheating Barracuda
    thanks for the reply, your right in your thinking i have no airflow looking into it now!! thanks any way
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    Re: Overheating Barracuda
    simple things first... verify that the fan is pulling air through and not pushing. Is the hose from the bottom of the radiator going to the water pump inlet. Is the radiator slightly higher than the motor, this makes it easy to bleed air out of the system.
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