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    How much plate to buy
    I didn't see a line for the 3/16 plate on the parts list and was wondering how much was needed?
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    Re: How much plate to buy
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    Parts list for what dude?? What plans do you have? What are you building? Does it mention in the plans whether it's easier to have a laser cutting or water jet company do the work if you have dxf. files. If you are cutting the plate yourself mock up the parts on a large cardboard sheet and use those as a template to see what size plate sheet you need.

    On this sit Info is the key to getting results. Let the good gents here know what you are up too and what you want from your buggy and they will be more than willing the help. ( Oh and if you got pics and video, that always goes down well.)
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    Re: How much plate to buy
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    Yeah what plans or what are you making???
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    Re: How much plate to buy
    Ha! I suppose that might be pertinent info! I'm building an st4.
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    Re: How much plate to buy
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    Badlands always give the dxf file with the plans i think. It would be much easier to have them professionally cut. Worth every penny. Ask different shops for quotations.
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