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    I am doing some research on axles for a friend of mine and found the following on axle materials and design

    Pirate4x4.Com - Extreme Four Wheel Drive

    Design of the axle transition to the splines
    What is wrong with this picture? - Pirate4x4.Com : 4x4 and Off-Road Forum

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    Jagged X broken CV joint | UTVUnderground.Com - The #1 Resource for SXS Enthusiasts

    Clocking CV on axle
    CV Clocking

    CV plunge demystified

    talks about axle failure

    this has good information about CV joint and axle friction and types of joints. This is 116 pages you have to look around to find the information

    Axle supply company

    Axles :: Kartek Off Road Parts & Accessories

    Gear One Racing
    Gear One Drivetrain Axle Technology

    Gorilla Axle
    Welcome To Gorilla Axle

    KNINE Racing
    Products available

    Latest Rage ( I think this made in China )

    Moore Parts Source
    Brakes / Rear Suspension : Axles / Drive Flange 930 - Dune Buggy Parts, Sandrail Parts, VW Parts -

    Pacific Customs ( Latest Rage axles and EMPI axles ) ( I think this made in China )
    Pacific Customs Dune Buggy Parts, Sandrail Parts, VW Parts

    RCV Performance Products
    Axle Shafts



    Summer Brothers Racing
    Summers Brothers Racing

    Tatum axles
    Tatum Motor Sports - Axles 930

    I ran across this plunging axle . I do not know if it works

    RCV Performance is making plunging axles, this link is for there Polaris 1000 axle. They do make these axles with 930 CV splines at the ends of the axle

    side by side axles list of company's
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