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    What type of brakes are most recommendable when one is going for buggy race on terrain?
    I have these options:
    1) Front: 2 discs Rear: 2 drums
    2) Front: 2 discs Rear: 1 disc
    3) All ATV type brakes
    And any idea about regenerative brakes and the weight constraint in all cases.
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    Re: Braking
    If you do not have a differential, option 2. regenerative brakes are not practical for this type of vehicle.
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    Re: Braking
    Hey guys, I'm showing my ignorance here....what are regenerative brakes?
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    Re: Braking
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    Regenerative braking is common/necessary for hybrid vehicle applications. In normal circumstances, brakes use friction to decrease momentum by creating and dissipating lots of heat. In regenerative braking, the energy produced by braking is instead converted into electrical or mechanical energy that can be used again during acceleration. If the vehicle has an electric motor for example, it can act as a generator while coasting or braking and this captured energy slows the vehicle while also being stored in batteries or capacitors. Once acceleration is again needed, the energy stored from braking can be used. This can significantly reduce fuel consumption.
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