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    UK hill climb

    I started a thread a while back briefly describing my build. I thought it was time to update on my progress (not much!!!). I won't bore you again with details except for that im from Birmingham, England, and the car is being built for hillclimb racing, which is a short time trial over a asphalt course, typically around 40 seconds long. I think the old thread was called "single seater racer" if anyone wants a few more details, or please ask any questions you want.

    Despite not getting much work done in my garage, I have been designing a billet rear end. This massive change in the design has been encouraged by having access to ProE at university, and a small milling machine that I have recently purchased. Anyway it will improve the car no end, and hopefully be of enough quality to be used on future chassis'.

    Just realised the photos I took are too big, so I'll work on getting some that fit, and get some CAD work on here for scrutiny.

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    Re: UK hill climb
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    Should be a great car, can we see it? Tell us all about the new rear end that you've designed and if it's finished, show it to us , please.
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    Re: UK hill climb
    cant wait to check it out...
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    Re: UK hill climb
    I 2 would love to see your project and all the stuff that goes with "looking"- so are you going to show????
    still waiting
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    Re: UK hill climb
    Does anyone know what happened to this Britracer guy? I really want to know how his build turned out.
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