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10-17-2008, 12:11 PM
After several emails/pm's asking me for plans for this car I figured I would post this. First of all, I am not interested in selling plans. That takes way to much time to write all of it out and I would rather concentrate my spare time on my own buggy and projects. I also don't feel like justifying charging someone a some stupid tiny fee for hundreds of hours of design time and still have the so called "know it alls" argue with me about every single thing on the car etc.

What I am gonna do is just share the files so you can get solidworks and just pull dimensions yourself if you care to build it. Or you can modify it or whatever. I could really care less. I will just share the files as I build stuff so I know it all goes together correctly and works correctly. I am sharing these for free so don't come at me like I charged you for them. Build this entirely at your own risk. ;)

These files are too large to upload to this site so I just throwing them onto a free file sharing site. Here is the link to the frame. This is how far I have gotten so far and I know it all goes together without issue. I have not built the front end because the waterjet parts are needed so but you can track how it goes together in the Zehn project thread.

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