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07-16-2008, 12:20 PM
I got some info on there roller last night. Just wanted to pass it on and see what everyone else thought since the info is not on there web site.

chassis: 095 dom w/all tabs for seat, body panels etc.3500.00

Chromoly front spindles 600.00

full length alum floor 200.00

steering rack 275.00

095 chromoly front upper and lower a-arms w/ hiem joints 800.00

095 chromoly rear swing arms 1000.00

ron davis radiator w/fan 575.00
5 gal fuel cell 150.00

rpm gear box 2000.00

gear one micro stub axle kit 1300.00

high angle drive axles 1150.00

wilwood frt calipers 150.00

wilwood rear caliper 100.00

frt hubs w/rotors and bearings 300.00

gas and brake pedal w/master cylinder 150.00

shifter for gear box 150.00

the other things to complete a roller are what type of shocks, air or coil over?
air shocks are 900.00

coil over w/srings 1800.00

wheels are another choice,omf beadlocs w/outlaw machine and inner
reinforcement rings 1200.00

douglas alum standard wheels 500.00

body panels w/roof are included w/chassis
that should take care of everything to make a roller
so, a roller with out shocks and tires and wheels 12400.00

07-17-2008, 09:28 PM
These are top notch cars. If you can build that for undr 15k and have a running car it would be great.